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Daily Epigram: Remember yourself

Much comedy is about helping you forget yourself. I am interested in helping you remember yourself.

The former is called entertainment. I’m not sure what the latter is called.

from The Market is not Rational series

How much of your time at work is about assuaging anxiety?

relationship correlation

relationship correlation, originally uploaded by subvert.com.

American food

¨American food is shit.

Nicolas Dussagem, 2003 French motocross champion

on theTGV from Paris to Avignon

Daily Epigram: therapy

Therapy is just a way of slowly accepting that there is nothing wrong with you.

daily epigram: done is better

Fran Preve

fall back on truth

daily epigram: authority

the web

I wrote this down before I know how to spell Chris’ name properly.

It’s Chris Weatherell.

daily epigram: everyone is the expert

I learned this from feminism.

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