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Marriage Equality Throwback Thursday – Comedy at the Prop 8 March in NY

Even though we were angry and most of California had just passed Prop 8, it was an exciting moment. It was the moment that tipped the movement for marriage equality. We were angry but the energy was huge nationwide.

Being a married lesbian in the US was very unusual at that moment and performing to that crowd was a great experience.

Life being what it is, I’m now working on Everything Is Subject to Change, post-divorce. But I stand by everything I said here.

What No on 8 should have looked like

17 year old James testifies to Vermont Senate on LGBT Equality.

He nails the second class citizenship issue. Nails it. Please excuse my choice of words.

But forget al the abstract crap about civil unions etc. Here is the point: Are we equal or are we inferior?

This is how we need to campaign in California and across the country. And we need to have lots of

meals with other people and talk about it honestly.

My No on 8 mixtape playlist: Videos for queers to claim equality by

I was just invited to a mixtape dance party where everyone gets to pick 5 songs. Here’s my No on 8 Playlist. I’m needing a boost working for equality for all and this is where I’m getting it.

1. Rise Up – Parachute Club

I’ve got asoft spot in my heart for the tunes playing when I was coming out in the 80s. You can’t get get more 80s than this video.

We want freedom to love who we please/
Rise and feel your power…
spirit’s time has come

2. Patti Smith -Gloria

Maybe my favorite song of all time. Our souls will not be refused. One church must not write the CA Constitution.

3. Small Town Boy – Bronski Beat

Because I refuse to go back, not to my small town but to a time when I had no choice but to. Obama says you shouldn’t have to leave your town to get a job. You shouldn’t have to leave your town to have love or be married either.

4.Respect – Aretha Franklin<
“You’re runnin’ outta fools / and I ain’t lyin'”
5.I Am What I Am – Gloria Gaynor

It isn’t about whether or not you like my marriage or my partner. It’s about having the same legal rights and opportunities to make our own joy or our own misery. Plus, this really is the gayest song of all time.&nbsp.

6. Pride – U2

A great anthem in the name of love. Freedom means freedom for everyone. No gay apartheid.

What would you add to the dance playlist?

Brian Litzenberger adds
7. Cheryl Lynn’s Got to Be Real which Youtube won’t let me embed. Have to dance to that one.

San Francisco, CA – 10/19/08

San Francisco, CA – 10/15/08

what equality feels like



Moments from the celebrations on the day when the Supreme Court of California handed down it’s decision that all Californians can marry, and that any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unconstitutional.

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