I like people. I probably like you. Seriously. I’m a terrible liar.

If you want to introduce yourself or talk about a possible co-conspiracy of fun, ideas or projects, facebook is a great way to do that. I hang out a good bit on twitter when I have time to banter, so that’s a place to say hi as well. A good way to begin a conversation is with what you are passionate about and trying to figure out right now. Then follow up by telling me why you want to talk with me.

Acting bookings: Elena Ng at Stars Agency

College bookings: Felicia Gustin at the Speak Out Agency.

All other bookings: email me {subvert at subvert dot com} with specific information including your goals, the dates, the audience, and if you have a budget for travel fees, honorarium or performer/speakers fees. This will help me prioritize. I require travel fees to be covered but do a certain number of pro bono events every year.

Press: For the quickest response, to request an interview or quote call (415-786-8336) Anna Jarrard or send an email to {subvert at subvert dot com}. Please be specific about your request and your deadline, if you have one.

PR people: Unless you rep Oprah or Mel Brooks, do not send me a pitch. Even if we’ve met in person and really had fun.

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