For me writing and performing come together. In fact, I often write on stage with the audience.

This is part of how I develop interactive shows and was inspired by the early web: iterate, often, in public. But I work in other forms too. I began blogging around 1996 before blogging software. And I began videoblogging before Youtube. Here are some favourites:


I-Can’t-Believe-It’ (New Media Magazine back page column)
The Internet Universe (New Media Magazine backpage column)
Advice for the New Guard in Silicon Valley (San Jose Mercury News)
Building a Web Business on Copyright Infringement (Silicon Alley Reporter) the first piece to call the Napster problem (1999)
Gay Rights: Canada you surprised me (Globe & Mail)
Information Flow Demands a Compass, Not an Anchor (Encyclopedia Brittanica)
My Wrists, My Keyboard, My Trip to Hell (shift magazine)
Elementary School Confessions (Fray Magazine)
We’re Here, We’re Square, Get Used to It (This Magazine)


Twitter Wit (contributer)


NPR / Circuits
CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera
CBC’s Spark
CBC’s Sounds Like Canada


Microsoft = Christians, Apple = Jews (shift TV)
I always wanted a dog (videoblog for Dabble)


shift magazine – contributing editor
Yahoo! FinanceVision – contributor
Digital Mogul – constributor
TechTV – regular panelist
New Media Magazine – back page columnist
Radio Ink – back page columnist

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