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Bicoastal reality

Just got into LI from SF. I took the red eye. While wheeling my luggage, video camera and backpack through the Stonybrook parking lot, I got the feeling that the luggage will soon begin to feel like a natural appendage. I always fantasize about these things when travelling: a crumpler backpack so I don’t ned a video camera bag + backpack, really comfortable running shoes and my fleece toque. Dopplr‘s facebook widget is out just in time to make it easier for my friends to know where the hell I am (leave a comment if you want an invite).

I sound like a walking cliche. But there’s a reason for the look, the gear interest and my excitement over the power outlet at my Virgin America seat: life is very geograpically fluid and mostly about comfort allowing the fluidity of physical and mental movement.

I had culture shock for the first couple of days back in SF. I’m not sure if I’m awake enough to know if it’s harder to settle into the east coast. I do tend to walk around with empty bottles and pizza crusts looking for the recycling and compost bins that never appear.

American food

¨American food is shit.

Nicolas Dussagem, 2003 French motocross champion

on theTGV from Paris to Avignon

Jesus in a sandwich

virgin mary grilled cheese sandwich
I heard about this grilled cheese sandwich last night. It is said to have a picture on the Virgin Mary on it and it sold on eBay for $28,000, fittingly to a reverential online casino.

The Jesus on a pierogi only went for $1775 on ebay
Jesus pierogi

The New York Times take on all this is quite scientific and perceptual.

Never mind the Mother Theresa on a cinnamon bun, or Allah’s name on an eggplant or any other holy delectable, where are the Jews?

Moses isn’t showing up in my kreplach.

Clearly there is a major market need here. Relaunch the Carnegie Deli. Buy Jesus in a sandwich. Vitamin Water and Smart Food have got nothing this.

Corn is a toothbrush for your colon

My sweetie has learned a lot in her pre-med classes.

Meshforum 2006

Best food I’ve ever had at a conference. Yesterday there were beets and sweet potatoes. This was Mistral’s roasted chicken and lamb. Yum.

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