McCain campaign going after Michelle Obama? My personal experience with Dohrn and Michelle Obama's law firm.

Apparently they want people to think it’s scary that she worked at Sidley & Austin in Chicago where Bernadine Dohrn worked for a few years. Bernadine Dohrn is married to William Ayers. I went to Northwestern Law School where Bernadine teaches. I met with her there. She was one of very few female faculty when I was at school there. You know who else teaches there? Stephen Calabrese, co-founder of the Federalist Society, speechwriter to Dan Quayle and worker for Judge Robert Bork. I met with him too.

He was smart and nice too. In fact I met him more often than Bernadine Dohrn because she seemed busier and he advised my senior research project A More Perfect Union: The Constitutional Right to Sexual Pleasure. I quote Salt ‘ N Pepa in the paper. He gave me an A. I’m not making this up. Prof. Calabrese has a lot of political influence in the conservative world. The Federalist Society has been the filter for judicial nominees for the Bush administration.

The wackdoodle McCain campaign logic that ties Bernadine Dohrn to Michelle Obama, would tie Prof. Dohrn to Prof. Calabrese (and other Federalist Society co-founder Gary Lawson who was then at Northwestern).

I had no idea Bernadine Dohrn did work for Sidley & Austin. On the one hand it shouldn’t surprise me because so many faculty at Northwestern do work for Sidley & Austin. It’s the big deal, heavy-hitter, borg-like firm whose name was all over Northwestern Law School. Sometimes I felt like they should just have re-named the school. It was the inspiration for the “S&M law firm” I had litter it’s name all over my law school cartoon Paté & Joan.

I only met Prof. Dohrn once. She was really smart and caring. That’s all I remember. Prof. Dohrn is a Clinic professor.

When I was there, the Clinic area was where all of Northwestern’s “diversity” hires (a/k/a non-white men, or anyone who teaches something other than administrative law) were so that the school didn’t look too bad in US&World Report. It was like the ghetto of the law school. It was the ‘old” building. The Clinic faculty were focussed on helping people. And…lowest status of all at a ‘top’ school like Northwestern was, many of them had actually practiced law. But if Sidley hired Bernadine Dohrn, I imagine they figured she was pretty safe.

As you can see from my cartoon, I spent time making fun of Sidley & Austin and people like Michelle Obama spent their time on law review and getting top grades. Which explains something about why I’m now a comedian and Michelle Obama is about to be First Lady. Sidley was as establishment as it gets. The few people I knew who worked there worked so hard, I doubt they had time to do anything together, except bluebook.

I bet they’re surprised to find out today that the Republican Presidential campaign thinks they’re a “terrorist cell.”