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McCain campaign going after Michelle Obama? My personal experience with Dohrn and Michelle Obama's law firm.

Apparently they want people to think it’s scary that she worked at Sidley & Austin in Chicago where Bernadine Dohrn worked for a few years. Bernadine Dohrn is married to William Ayers. I went to Northwestern Law School where Bernadine teaches. I met with her there. She was one of very few female faculty when I was at school there. You know who else teaches there? Stephen Calabrese, co-founder of the Federalist Society, speechwriter to Dan Quayle and worker for Judge Robert Bork. I met with him too. Continue reading…

this morning: Michelle Obama and my possible GTD conversion

Even though it is sad and a tad ridiculous to me that Michelle Obama had to give the “Look, I don’t have horns” presentation to the nation, nothing in this video is meant to belittle the fact that it is moving to feel:

  • we could have an emotionally functional first family
  • the joy of a possible first lady whose peace comes from within and not over the counter
  • an African-American family take its place on our national stage of power and hold its ground. Finally.
  • America begin to realize how much of its bountiful human resource it has been ignoring.

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