McCain / anger / enraged crowds / why?

I’m always curious about why stuff happens and why we are the way we are….regardless of whether or not I agree with outcomes or behaviours or judgements. Here’s a recently blogged McCain anger story about McCain losing it at a craps table. At risk of it sounding condescending for me to guess, it sounds like McCain has some kind of PTSD.

I don’t really know how he could go through his POW experience and not have it. Have you ever had someone really lash out at you when it seems like you did absolutely nothing to provoke it? From what I’ve read, the body is still stuck in the past and they perceive themselves to be deeply threatened. Their physiological systems are responding based on the state they are in. How they feel inside is very real to them. It’s a major issue with veterans. The US will hopefully provided better support to the many vets returning from Iraq. McCain’s “hair-trigger” rages sound like that to me.

He should still be held 100% accountable for his behaviour, but I wonder if he can even see his own behaviour or if he just experiences a lot more situations to be ones of physical survival / flight or flight than someone whose nervous system is working healthily.