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[vid] tHGS@SXSW07: Continuous Partial Attention


with /Micki Krimmel, Derek Powazek, Tantek

This year’s tHGS@SXSW is March 16th: Something From Nothing feat. Derek Sivers (CDBaby), Andy Baio
(Upcoming, waxy) + Janice Fraser (Emmet Labs, Adaptive Path). Please come. Participate from anywhere
and help make it happen and support great crowdsourced convo. http://heathergold.com/show

My infamous Gossip panel @ SXSW08 (video 60 min.)

During my SXSW panel, Gossip,tech scene gossip-ee Julia Allison booed Chief Valleywag and gossiper Owen Thomas, then ended up joining our panel, sitting on my lap and became part of a carousing, unpredictable conversation that was twittered, liveblogged on Valleywag twice while it went on. Lane Becker called it “The best panel I’ve ever been to at SXSW.”

As the conversation went on the room filled up to capacity. It was the first time people packed a location because people tweeted out that they should come check it out.

2021 Update: Sadly blip.tv is no more and I’ve not yet found another copy of the video of the panel. If I do, I’ll re-post it. There are links to coverage and live-blogging of this event–one of my favourites of my career so far–here.

Lawrence Lessig on Hillary Clinton

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The Heather Gold Show: DIY

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Buy tix for next show The instructables folks add a lot to the DIY conversation, whipping out their lasercut laptops, delighting MAKE founder Dale Dougherty and the rest of us. Featuring ikea hacks.

Video: What do you do?

Heather Gold Show: What I Do

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The Heather Gold Show: Perception Invite 4/13/07

This month’s show tastes like applesauce according to our guests. Do you know how you perceive the world?

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by heather gold with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

The Heather Gold Show: Self-Made (video podcast)

Heather Gold Show Self-Made

Watch the show (5 Min)How does one become self-made? Guests: Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, Dave Chappelle opener W. Kamau Bell and celebrated psychologist, activist and painter Dr Lillian Rubin (The Transcendent Child).

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