Woman spanked at work sues for 1.2 million

The company is Alarm One. They were generous enough to stop these “practices” after Janet Orlando started the suit in 2004.

The AP headline is “Woman spanked at work sues for 1.2 million”
How about: “Sales force at American company motivated by spanking, diapers”

I love that this was going on unquestioned for how long (we don’t know) until a woman said: “um, guys, isn’t this stupid?”

“Employees were paddled with rival companies’ yard signs as part of a contest that pitted sales teams against each other, according to court documents. The winners poked fun at the losers, throwing pies at them, feeding them baby food, making them wear diapers and swatting their buttocks.

“No reasonable middle-aged woman would want to be put up there before a group of young men, turned around to show her buttocks, get spanked and called abusive names, and told it was to increase sales and motivate employees,” her lawyer, Nicholas “Butch” Wagner, said in his closing argument.”

Now this complainant is clearly no irrational wimp. She even hired a lawyer named Butch.

The rest of the story.

This is the daily news giving the rest of the world, including China, insight about American culture. I’m sure they are shocked.