What motivates us, or Dan Pink on the slow economic proof of our human-ness and social nature

Dan Pink‘s talk animated by RSA (who doesn’t seem to give the illustrator’s name, sorry). This is an evidence research-based translation of some of the basic premises we focus on in TummelVision: that we are motivated *by each other.* That we are not algorithms. The autonomy and mastery that Dan Pink is talking about, in my opinion, is what let’s someone know they are there and not merely a substitutie for a machine. Independence lets you feel choice and mastery gives you feedback and a sense of competence. But the best use of all these skills, the underlying motivator of why they are so rewarding is because they allow you to find ways to meaningfully connect with others and share usefulness and work for others.

In spiritual language that’s called service. Except our economy is now called that too. It’s the intent that’s not always the same. But as this slow thinking and analysis (as in Dan Pink’s talk) eventually moves forward it is slowly proved to people (aka the mostly white algorithm-lovin dudes running western business) that *feels* good (!! crap that women do, aaaahh!) is also effective.

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