What happens 40 years after fame and fortune?

What happens 40 years after fame and fortune?

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What happens 40 years after fame and fortune?

Peter Tork is no longer a Monkee and touring as The White Man’s music
with his pal Stanley Lee Jordan. I’m sitting at the Little Fox theatre
in Redwood City watching their clogged and slipper/shoed feet tap
enthusiastically to their acoustic guitar solos and receeding-hairline

It’s hard to know which is worse, the attempts at jokes in the patter
between-songs or the songs themselves.

“Now a song about your first love…..a car of course.”

These guys make the Kingston Trio sound like James Brown.

Just when you think an attempted melody can’tr get worse, there’s a

” Driving/driving/hotrod driving my MGBGT”

And when you think the lyric can’t get worse, there’s a harmony to be
foisted upon you.

So why am I sitting here? Because my lesbian goth pal Ann called me up
today and sais “dude, my first girlfriend is dating Peter Tork and he
wants to meet me.”

As we sat down Ann told me that her ex wouldn’t be here and that Peter
has several girlfriends.

After the first few chords, all I could think was:” this guy gets women
to sleep with him ?”

Ok everything I just blogged above was done during the concert itself, to help me get through the music. There is video to prove the music to you and as soon as Ann sends it to me, I’ll put it up.

Ann waited to meet Peter in the CD purchasing line. Despite the fact that he turns out to be “spending time with ” Ann’s ex (I guess that’s what the 65 year old straight guy musicians are calling it these days :-), he was very nice, excited to meet Ann and wanted to immediately introduce us to his sister (I guess under the theory that all lesbians know or want to know each other). He turned out to be right. We hung out with his sister Annie and her girlfriend until we realized that there was a second half to the show. Of course, it turned out that we know peoplpe in common. Annie was very cool about it all and told me that “Peter has a lot of lesbians in his life…. his ex-wife, his sister…” Peter Tork, lesbian node. L Word, you can add it to the chart.