Video on the Net conference notes

I think it had it’s own special name for sponsorship purposes, but I can’t remember it. There was a day positioned as Hollywood+SV at the Video on the Net conference.

San Jose seems like it’s anythiing but a destination city, but it costs $18 a day to park there. For those kinds of prices, you’d think the buildings you park to visit could look a little spiffier.

I found it interesting that at the first panel I was at 100% of the questions were asked by vloggers. It was fun hanging out with Steve Garfield, Enric and many other vloggers including a really bright Canadian musician and podcaster named Vergel Evans.

Speaking with Brent Weinsten (the UTA digital agent guy) after his panel was probably the other most interesting part ofthings. He’s all about the Benjamins, which is what an agent’s job is. But he’s also more frank then all the other Hollywood folks that were there. That used to be my job (studio biz dev) and I don’t miss it.

One panelist observed that the ignored giant is the already installed base of 17M set top boxes that show video which are game boxes.

I talked to Scheinman from Cisco a little afterwards, and the most interesting thing he said is that what is bridging the cultural gap btween SV and Hollywood is an empowered consumer that both industries aren’t sure how to deal with.


heather gold

2 sides looking to protect what they do and make more money somewhere.

8 women
1 black guy
1 yarmulke
in the room

rights:how do you get em

they all want the holy grail at the end of the “frothy market”

complex rights landscape

>>clearances. how to deal online?
cosumer prod market / creators of content

“myspace is about monetizing fragmentation”

cisco “what i want to do is solve the problems sarah is talking about”

how do you find anything

“its the mission of the network to have content find you” our mission: Cisco

Fox: we don’t have the time to build a lot of stuff

“we want to be in business with the elite”

UTA creating channel on veoh in the next few weeks as a legally safe, no tech effort , less searching way for them to look at stuff

>first time you can submit to them openly.

Cisco”The libertarian days of SV..this may mark a transition point”

time of change

fox + media cos say:
1>protect out content
2>monetize it when it gets viewed

brent” everything we do is based on the premise that premium content is worth more than non-premium content”

“get brands out there and promote a brand”

Jim/WB “this law suit (Viacom/Google) will help write the rules of engagement which we all need in this space

protect/>“consumers should find out content anywhere they go online…but we can do that in a way that we can control and monetize”

“future is superdistribution”

scheinman’s response to Jobs on DRM “Apple could create a standard”

weinbach “When co.s say protection what they mean is control”

wht’s really interesting is everything bt amatuer and repurposed media>>in this area protection is less important. (stuff made for the net) just have to make sure it includes some kind of monetiztion: spons or call to action

want the data says Fox chick. # of views etc

I think the word control has been used about 48 times by now.

What is scary: advertisers seeing the value of the “premium” content drop