Although I neglected to blog it before it began, I have been on vacation, travelling with my sweetie before she begins med school next month.

This has included a vacation from the Net, erspecially once we got to Spain and the Nokia N93 wouldn´t roam without getting yet another SIM card or rechaging with more Euros (which, it is easy to forget, quite  bit more than a US dollar each).

 I´ve missed the Net at time but it´s been very good for me to empty my mind. Of course I long to analyze and make stories. But speaking a different language and my sweetie on vacation make that difficult.

Eventually the craving passed and I was able to spend no less than 4 days in a row in he Meditteranean and wonder only about things like socks.

Why do European men wear dress socks, sometimes as thin as women´s nylons with shorts, while American men will wear white sweat socks, even with a suit?

I´ll be back in SF and online in a few days. Until then, enjoy the Web without me.