Today I Am A New Kind of Lady

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#crone #barren #transition #EISTC #woman #whyhide @lizbelile @christenclifford, a photo by on Flickr.

Yesterday at the screening and feminist conversation (Mother Whore Complex) I hosted for Jill Soloway’s new film Afternoon Delight Jill told us a story. An investor asked her to take a scene out. It was a scene in which the two leads happen to meet in the bathroom, one is looking for a tampon. They discover they are synced. Jill couldn’t believe it “It’s a feminist art film and you’re asking me to take the menstruation scene out?” There was a huge laugh. Such discomfort with something so humdrum. So basic. Something women generally can’t escape.The request proved the point of the film.

“Where do they think the children come from?” I asked, getting another laugh. But I didn’t know that that was the day, yesterday, though I was sure I was menstruating too, when I would fail to have a period for the first time. And I didn’t know just how hard it would be more me to say even the next day. It marks a loss for me. And as sad as it is, it took me three quarters of the day to have the courage to post this. Because it might make someone else uncomfortable. But someone is always uncomfortable. And I am becoming a different kind of woman.

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