The Internet Universe

(first published on the back page of New Media Magazine)

I originally put this together for a magazine best known for its annual chart designed to explain the business relationships between technology, media and entertainment sectors. Every year they’d hire frogdesign, who would come up with some new way of attaching arrows and circles, or boxes, or fish, or some other metaphor to attempt to make the whole scene easy to understand. It never helped me get to the truth of the matter, so in the midst of dot com insanity, I decided to create my own explanation of what was going on.

The great contribution to literature of our modern age is the charticle. How can any author resist its siren song?

Many publications (including the one in your hands) spend countless months analyzing and choosing influential and important individuals and companies in this fine eIndustry.

I have drawn from a few hours of careless thought, years of general observation and a small modicum of sodium pentathol to give you:

Heather’s Guide to the Internet Universe (a/k/a “The Other Chart”):

The Internet Universe