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My UnPresenting Ignite talk: No one cares about your slides

I teach people how to rock the room and rub great conversations and stories. Upcoming workshops in Toronto 6/21/12, SF in Sept and PDX in Oct. More info and tix at UnPresenting.com

My thanks to Jon Bishop and Patti Chan for having me and letting me subvert the Ignite structure. And thanks to James Sanderson for the great photos.

UnPresenting Ignite and new workshop dates: Toronto, San Francisco, Portland

I’ll be UnPresenting Ignite in San Francisco tonight. In a subversive way, of course. I’ve also announced new workshop dates:

  • San Francsico: piloting People and Presence: web experiences for connecting people to each other, especially in real-time with IXDA SF 5/9/12
  • Toronto 6/21/12 -with UnFinished Business. Last year’s Toronto workshop sold out so get tickets soon.
  • San Francisco 9/14/12. If you can provide a venue, contact me for a workshop discount.
  • Portland 10/12/12. Again, if you have a venue, get in touch for a discount.

Seattle and Vancouver are in the works. If you’d like me to speak or perform at your event or like to take the workshop, get in touch.

Tickets to and more about UnPresenting workshops.

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