Schlomo's challenge: bring tHGS to SXSW + make the list.

The Heather Gold Show is going to be at SXSW on March 10th.

While I’m continuing to look for small company sponsors, I was challenged this afternoon by a colleague and vlogger Schlomo Rabinowitz :”If you can raise $200 from 10 people, I’ll be the 10th. Get off your tush.” It worked. I have less than a week.

#1 Schlomo Rabinowitz (February 19th, 6:00pm PST)

#2 Darius (February 19th, 6:01pm PST)

#3 Larry Lessig (February 19th, 6:04pm PST)

#4 Antoun Nabhan (February 19th, 7:15pm PST)

and #5 is…David Ulevitch (Feb 21st 7:10 EST) woo hoo!

and #6 is Thomas Merritt (Feb 21st 10:53 EST) wa ha hooie!

I awoke to a delightful inbox. Here my ladies at!

#7 is George Oates ( Feb 22nd 12:34am EST)

#8 Vincent Vaughn. ( Feb 22nd 1:11am EST) I swear it’s his real name. He’s from Kansas, MO. Wahoo! He tweets “Love you. Love your show.” It’s working. The indie show is working!

We have a #9! It’s Erika Hall + Mike Monteiro! ( Feb 25th 9:13pm EST)

#10 is Wayne de Geere III! (February 28th, 3:04pm EST)

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Micki’s List

#7 overall but really #1 is Micki Krimmel ( Feb 22nd 12:15am EST) with the heart to respond to the spirit and not the letter of the Schlomo Challenge by: 1. tweeting me to put up a donate button, and 2. giving what is $200 to her: $20. She and thus receives special tHGS love and an anchor spot what will now be known as Micki’s List.

#2 is George Kelly ( Feb 22nd 1:10am EST) at $200 to him. I <3 that + donated about an hour apart, presumably without knowing each other first is clearly a sign of destiny. Connection email forthcoming.

#3 is Sylvia LeMay
Want to get to be #3 on Micki’s List?

email subvert at subvert dot com, or donate right now.