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The SXSW week in a nutshell

What follows is an ungrammatical list of sorts. It reflects the elated tiredness. This is why I’m waiting until after a short break to energize and collect my thoughts to dig into the deeper stuff about SXSW and the video.

Here is a short, hazy trip through my happy mind:

Launched a new web site for The Heather Gold Show, 4 shows in 2 cities. Great, packed shows. One was live-blogged on Valleywag twice as it happened and was declared “The best panel at SXSW, ever,” one show included getting to sing Flagpole Sitta with Jonathan Coulton, then following on the show withSean Nelson, one of the guys who wrote it.
We will have some great video up soon.

 8 tacos. endless numbers of great geeks and conversations, 1 movie about Humboldt County (so-so), 1 short video made in our apartment last summer about mannequins (awesome),


Great show at SXSW last night


DSCF2402.JPG, originally uploaded by ericlawrence.

That’s Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger, Jonathan Coulton and me enjoying their take on Billy Joel’s Don’t Ask Me Why.

We had a standing room only crowd and sitting room stage where we ran out of room for chairs for all the great guests. SXSW prompts indulgence. The audio and video will be up soon. More pix (thanks Eric Lawrence).

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