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Hillary Clinton Lost Because She Is a Woman

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton from the National Archive

I have issues with Ms Henein for her approach to defending Ghomeshi and the way she attacked the women who brought charges. So I recognize some irony in this extremely well-written op- ed of hers because I believe she professionally took plenty of advantage of the dismissal of women voices in public, adding to it. (Yes I get that it is a common tactic in her job. Yes I went to law school, I get how it works). BUT she is willing to say about Hillary Clinton what few mainstream media spaces are saying in the US today (yet another reflection of sexism), “She lost because she is a woman.”


Hillary Rodham Clinton wasn’t just opposed by the GOP and the industry of conservative and far right media. She was attacked by the FBI. Wikileaks went after her, Russia. This reminded me of my mentor law prof’s tenure review. Her feminism and femaleness and scholarship so flipped out so many men that Law and Econ profs across the country decided to wage a national campaign to Northwestern University to stop her tenure even when the law school recommended her and her work was unquestionable.

There is room enough for us all to speak and completely be ourselves in public. But we won’t live that reality until we women take, not request, our full rightful place in public and the men that are terrified by that deal with their feelings on their own. It is possible. It will happen. But it won’t until we stop the emotional labour and the stooping and smoothing over and just take our place over and over again. We will have to deal with the discomfort of male discomfort over and over and our fear of their fear. We have to let them be afraid and angry and stay focused for support on our own guiding star and our own groundedness, each other, and those who are able to hear and see us.

I know from coming out, eventually, the reality of the full you, when it does not move and go away, becomes more difficult to pretend and wish away.


Play my feminist drinking game (drinking optional, natch ;-)

Seesmic is a conversational video community I’m addressing here, but I challenge you all. Send me your videos. Double points if you can do it while drinking or eating cake.

Why I am 4Obama

THGS guest Lawrence Lessig’s eloquent piece (20 min) on why he supports Obama. My thoughts? What he said. Plus this:I was a feminist leader on the Yale Campus, about to turn 40, someone who saw Hillary Rodham Clinton (as she was then called) as a great asset when Bill won in 92. I was thrilled. I should be exactly who would be voting for Hillary, but she lost my support and even more so, Barack has very much won it. Feminism, like every social justice movement, is about equality, justice and inclusion. But a foundation of integrity is what compels us to care about these things.

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