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“I am not my keywords” Life in Perpetual Beta video interview

At the last SXSW I went into the Ladies room at the Four Seasons Hotel with Melissa Pierce and between flushes, recorded one of my favourite interviews ever. She did a fantastic job of editing. I’m delighted to have this as part of her film and project Life In Perpetual Beta, a phrase I coincidentally used years ago in speaking at the first 140 conference about how everyone is learning to be “private and Public” and everyone is a performance artist now.

This interview gets at a lot of the feminist ideas I’m exploring in my new project #WITH.

I miss you Felicia

I just found out that one of my best friends at law school died. She was too young to die.

And too awesome to die. Can’t Death swop her for someone without a fabulous sense of humour? For someone who wasn’t such a presence?

There is nothing lawyerly or logical about her being gone. One day she thought she had the flu. The next day, she is gone. I can’t call her up.

I wish I had a digital photo of her but I don’t. All my pictures of Felicia are from just before the web….from the days when having free LEXIS-NEXIS access felt like having a secret pass to the world.

Felicia is one of the only people I’ve known who made me laugh every time we spoke. Damn. I just wrote “is.” Continue reading…

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