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Being laid back isn’t as easy as it looks.

April 24, 2013

Yesterday I met with some young entrepreneurs from France. They were nothing like the coneheads. They seemed more kind and soft and human than most young entrepreneurs I see around the Bay Area today. They were excited about their adventure; wanting to connect people and see the car sharing they organized as secondary. It seemed it was still an adventure to them and not a way to seem grown up or important or get wealthy as soon as possible. I took them to my favourite place in Potrero Hill which also happens to be French. But we had burgers. The best ones in San Francisco. The most interesting thing to me about their car sharing business is that people can choose to not charge someone for a ride. What does it mean when we don't charge each other? When do people need to value their work and time by asking for more and when do people discover there's something precious and new they can't get by charging and measuring every thing they do?

Dave Goebel and I worked on a play together recently. He was in the band. I really wanted a drumming lesson from the moment we started hanging out.

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Collaboration: My Rocking 2011 #SXSW Panel

Girl Walk // All Day

A recent delightful collaboration between remixing dancer Anne Marsen, videographer Jacob Krupnick and of course the music of mash up maestro Girl Talk.

Collaboration has been the key to indie success in the era of the web. It’s the key to how we make now: with each others stuff: music before us, an “audience” of co-creators. What’s the key to great collaboration?

I’ll explore at SXSW 3/15 11:am with amazing panelists, genius Allee Willis (September, Neutron Dance), Mary Jo Pehl (Rifftrax) and Kenyatta Cheese (Know Your Meme, Rocketboom) and you baby, you. I run “panels’ like I run my shows which means they are large, intimate conversations and we get into the nitty gritty. No turning away from what’s unsaid.

Allee alone is working buying a ticket to Austin and a hotel room for 2 days. Seriously. She’s one of my great creative inspirations and I couldn’t be more excited and honoured to have these folks together. Do not miss this conversation we’re craving.

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