Supernova 2007 – video discussion

  • While asking a question about getting to video audience online:
    “During the civil rights movement, the sherrif would make black people come into his office in order to vote and ask them how many bubbles are there in a bar of soap.” – Tom Mandel
    How Mr Mandel connected this to video, I am still uncertain.
  • What key content will drive people on to the net to watch? Very little says Lee Berke, except sports. Lee Burke, surprisingly, works for sports teams.
  • The video audience online is pretty small now, says Scoble. The top show is Rocketboom at 300,000. (here in the room) says 10-20,000 for his livecast. So Scoble chose a small niche attractive to advertisers and spends a lot of focus getting his posts to high Google rankings (via metadata and headlines) since most people experience the Internet via Google.
  • When we let people come imbed a player from our site into theirs with our content our traffic tripled- Scoble
  • – the democratic web video play by the Skype co-founders. (Jost is the “quality” MSM play). You can imbed this on your facebook page.
  • 14 cents/GB = cost of video. So is there a revenue model big enough to support this? Because if you get too populsr, how can you fund this?
  • How do we get an advertiser to recognize the value of our enthusiastic audience of 5-30,000 users? Good Night Burbank team member-Sanford Dickert. Answer was wait 5 years.
  • Other than Scoble and Goodnight Burbank, I was the only person I know i=of in the room actualy making stuff, and the only one making it long-form net-first. This point of view changes my interests and what I see: