Supernova 2007 – politics + democracy

  • “The majority of the politial blogosphere, the data shows, are educated, whitem males.” – panel

    They needed to do a survey to learn that?

  • “I’ve learned from doing tech through the boom that you tell everyone about the new stuff, but you spend your time with people who really want to do something about it.” – Greg Elin

    General conclusion, (stated by Andrew Rasiejbut generally agreed by all) that the existing top-down mode of politics won’t really change out of fear (of what their opponents will say about them etc). Don’t look to Presidential politics (who use the Net to raise money but not civic engagement). Those who grow up with the Net as the norm will eventually demand and expect this.

    So the Net>political openness is like Gay marriage. We;ll get it for certain once the older set dies off.