Socially-Conscious Capitalism 2.0

How can entrepreneurship can make the world a better place?

I believe it can:

• serve, don’t sell (selling is expensive, inauthentic and analogized to battle)
• no one can own community, only serve it
• this creates accountability for those serving it
• community is the only cost-effective way to deal with marketing and advertising in the digital era
• universal access to publishing promotes transparency
• social + digital networks (built with the intention of sincerity, since openness is necessary for them to be sustainable) make scalable collective problem solving possible
• fun+play attract attention and collaboration
• business must be humanly sustainable to stay competitive
• solving problems that make a meaningful difference in the world are engaging problems which attract talent and collaboration
• imposing a tether of social responsibility on business is an unattractive battle and a sad binary
• social consciousness is necessary to create a working web 2.0 business. The social awareness is integrated and organic.
• we are entering an era of integration

At this point, I’d rather focus on what I can do, and on working with others who are focussed on making real things happen than on either political party. You can read why in yesterday’s post.

For co-sponsors Stuart Skorman Associates and Social Venture Network, I’ll be hosting an intergenerational conversation about this tomorrow night (the 22nd) in San Francisco at The Hotel Rex. Details are here.