I sign with Stars Agency and Interview Tig Notaro at BlogHer



It’s a week with some good news! I’m pleased to say that I’ve just signed with Stars Agency, NoCal’s top acting agency for on camera work. In case you’re curious here’s my reel.

I’ll also be hosting a panel at the 16th BlogHer conference this week in LA. A lot has changed since I performed at the very first BlogHer. Women like Kim Kardashian and Mayim Bialik will be keynoting and thousands of bloggers will be there. I’ll be hosting a timely conversation called Keeping Friends During a Heated Political Season with Tracy Viselli, Sugar Jones and Xenia Galaviz. It’s August 5th at 10:15am. If you’ll be there come say hi.

Saturday, I’ll also be hosting an Amazon Studios screening of Tig Notaro’s new series One Mississippi and interviewing Tig afterwards. The series is also produced by Diablo Cody (United States of Tara) and Louis CK (Louis).


I recently guested on She Knows, the podcast of the group that puts on BlogHer in an episode titled How Humor Can Hack Social Change along with humorists Jenny Yang and Luvvie Ajayi. Elisa Camahort Page did an excellent job ofhosting.

I’ve not been at a blogging conference in some time. I’m hoping it

‘s still full of meeting people whom you only know by odd Internet handles (the first Net person I really noticed back in 1996 was an Enhanced CD developer named steakface),  having great conversations in halls, and constantly charging our devices.