Secret Jewish James Dean

Secret Jewish James Dean is
playing tricks
taking the rebuilt car as fast as it can go
sleeping in the attic.
It’s Devonshire
and touchdowns
and rice for dinner
at 23.

Alfred the Giant
is playing old Indian tricks
driving the car back and forth to shovel the driveway.
Throw a ball again and again
on the floor of Brocks gym
I’m 23
you big banana.

Stitching up the newspaper with your forceps in your
left hand
“Just tell me the number, I’ve got it memorized”
Is it 23?
The best time is knowing time.
Time to break the path
and live lifes riches
4 o’clock mornings

Time to go to the hairdressers in the leather high-backed chair
Time to walk in the rain
and find
a boy to fish with.
very early
morning tea in the little cups


time to stare away from the pool as you dive in
now Jewish in a big town. No one notices.
So you finally can.
How much time? Who knows.
Still jeans and a t-shirt and a stick of pepperoni
at 60
but you talk less about the number.
Shabbes lessons
singing louder
The best time
is now.