Scoop: New Chief Snark of tech is secretly a bundle of gushy fun

owen thomas

So my headline is a little long and not as pithy as I’d like. I bow down to my dear friend Owen Thomas, the king, er queen of headlines, who has just taken over Valleywag, leaving b=Business 2.0. Valleywag is the gossip rag, er pixelshmatta of Silicon Valley. It’s dubiously admired and rumored to not pay very well leaderNick Denton filled the hole left by Chris Nolan when she left the San Jose Mercury News.

I love Owen. He is pure joy and wit. It will be interesting to see if that affects a business built on venomous snark. I prefer playful snark myself. A good joke doesn’t require mean-ness to be good (just truth) and Owen doesn’t have a mean bode in his bear-ish little bod.

That’s my Prayer for Owen (not) Meany.