San Francisco Chronicle features The Heather Gold Show

If you see the print version, the show’s in the 96 hours section. With a lovely photo by Heather Powazek Champ too. Here ’tis.

We have a great show tonight. And by we, I mean it literally. Many thanks to all the fantastic people working to make this show possible: Paul Schreiber, David Minkow, Steve Tornello, Jose Hernandez, Ricky Montalvo, Anca Mosoiu, Brett Metzger, Rhys Mason, Brendon Battaglia, Dave Rittberg, Schlomo Rabinowitz, Justin Lanelutter, Alex Maness, Morgan Schmidt-Feng, Colin and all the bakers. If you want to get involved, send me a note at subvert [at] subvert [dot] com.