Reply to Curious (or Beginner Aversion)

don’t let that scare you off
women are just more aesthetically pleasing
is there a money-back guarantee
on this test drive?
I get 10 days, right?
your skin’s so soft
your skin’s so soft
I never knew it could feel this way
show me what to do
carry me
I’m so light
it’s just my baggage that’s heavy
we’ll send a porter for it
is this ok? is it, is it?
you want me to put what on?
your skin’s so soft
God I’m free
yes, yes, yes, yes
i’m so scared
yes, yes, yes, yes
it feels so right
not in that Debby Boone way
love me
touch me
stamp my passport

no after death cigarette
a different kind of repose
head rushing somewhere else
far away
what would tracey think?
what would my boyfriend think?
what would mum and dad think?
giggle giggle
go out for breakfast?
frown frown
lose my civil rights
I want to have a wedding shower
with Aunt Phyllis too
I don’t hate men
It’s all so new
this land of Oz
there’s no place like home
It didn’t feel the same
what does all this mean?
just come visit me late one night
your skin’s so soft
come on Toto