Pick my panels in the SXSW panel picker

This year, in the Net fashion of the year, SXSW is having panels selected by you and me: the public. I’ve got a few suggestions in the mix. I’m planning on defintely attending the conference and bringing/podcasting The Heather Gold Show there. If you’ve got great Austin venue or guest suggestions, let me know.

Like a fresh peach, pick these ideas here. What do you think about these ideas? Do you RSVP to events? Please comment. I’m listening.

You’ve Got Your Chocolate in my Peanut Butter

Creating shows for the Net and television together. Why neither one will kill off the other. The interweave between social community and creative content isn’t new, but is now the basic building block of a growing show in the brand new era in which this is possible. Hear from people approaching this connection from traditional media networks, online media networks and successful independent creators.

Context: The Next Layer of the Net

The Net has brought us more information. More text, more images, more audio and now video. And the future only promises to bring us more access to more of it in more places. How do we find things when we don’t know specifically what we want? After “web 2.0” enables the average user to create even more stuff, the next layer of the Net needs to help it all make sense. This session combines experts on technologies and individual curators and communities that are already creating context and not just more stuff.

A New Commons: Beyond Affinity Groups

The political realm stopped being a realistic commons some time ago. America is now described as “red” and “blue” or “black” and “white.” The web has accelerated the growth of affinity groups and “tagged” identities. How is a commons possible, in which those who are different or in disagreement or self-contradictory to meet and engage with one another? The trick is to create space in which people can be their whole selves (all their affinities and more) together.


Our sense of social obligation is shifting as we live busier and more transient lives. Replies are no longer held up by action. Upcoming.org identifies some social options as being “watched” and not even attended. Dodgeball assumes that planning isn’t part of our connecting. Are technologies helping create our changing communication around commitments or are they helping us have more connection in a culture that wants to avoid social commitment? What does a a real friendship mean in an era of Myspace friends and can the net help these friendships and commitments be ongoing and reliable in the RL (real world 🙂 How are our views of personal relationships affecting the evolution of business as service and relationship management and vice versa?