Patton Oswalt + Sarah Silverman in SF tomorrow night

It’s a benefit for 826 Valencia. Patton Oswalt is my favourite standup giging today, other than Paul Mooney. And I’m hoping Sarah Silverman has new material since her film. Jesus Is Magic wasn’t what I’d hoped for, but she’s funnier than 98% of the shmendrick stand-ups in clubs and I give her props for making her own film and will keep watching. Her bit in The ARistocrats was the best part of the film. Plus Jill Soloway worked on her new show so it absolutely has to be good. And her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel will be there too, but I love the fact that I think he will not really have the headliner love from this crowd as much as the other comics (inc. Zack G). Just to clear things up. I am not Sarah Silverman. I know it’s hard to tell Jewish chick stand-ups apart but in case you keep getting confused (like a lot of people seem to be). I’m the one that wears glasses and eats pussy. All the details for the show in SF tomorrow night are here.