Nokia N93 slakes some of my iPhone thirst and Apple fervor.

Nookia N93

Stowe Boyd kindly loaned me a Nokia 93 cell phone which is pretty tricked out, most notably with a very high quality video camera.I plan to use this to vlog at the Supernova Conference in a few weeks (with the goal of making a tech/biz conference highly entertaining and insightful) and in general.

This is my first Bluetooth, infrared device and i am very thrilled to say that I was able to sync all my contacts and calendar very easily with Apple’s iSync. Before a few moments ago, I was under the Applr-y impression that I’d need an iPhone to get that.

No longer. Yay.

The thing about loving Apple is, like many Jews with Israel, we need it to exist, celebrate its excellence and want it so much that we avoid acknowledging our own bad experiences with it.

For example my Airport Extreme died while we were away Memorial Day. The Apple Store where I bought it couldn’t help me. Too bad for me. Its onla few years old. Why expect it to work?

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