New kind of doctor

This guy lives in Williamsburg NY, and has set up his practice to deal with the insanity that is the US health care system. He makes house calls. He focuses on prevention. He knows fonts.

He does not appear to be an “anal tool” as so many professional school students are, as so many families and schools encourage us to be. What do I mean by this term of art? Someone who has so focused their attention on what is called achievement and approval that they are identified with it to the point that they have forgotten their own nature as a human being and thus, the nature of others. This completes the the tail chasing.

Let’s flow chart this shall we since I don’t have an index card on hand:

desire to help others>

desire to become doctor><social mirroring says “achieve” thus achieve>become doctor>

desire to achieve>

become doctor>become anal tool>treat diseases> achieve treatment/forget patient+healing>

Of course this is a dynamic, like all things are. So the patients/business of the anal tool doctors generally go like this:

forget self>become ill>become patient>look for solution>find achieving anal tool doctor

My sweetie is in med school and Dr. Jay gives me hope for possibility. Stacey wants to have a balanced, healthy life and help others to do so as a physician. Unfortunately, the medical education system doesn’t make it possible to have one while you’re in it. Interesting system that implies “We must make you sick to help you learn to assist others in getting well.”

Thanks cheesebikini.