My notes on VON (Video on the Net) Jeff Jarvis' talk.

today a few more women
people of colour
at least 4 yarmulkes

on stage:
1 woman
only white folks

working party at night:
1 guy dealing poker
1 guy tending bar
2 women in low-cut dresses
4 different video games

attending party:
1 guy who told me that he threw ice down the dresses of the women working there and that they loved it
1 guy who decided to caress my back before
dozens of fun geeks and vloggers
1 bubbewho played Guitar Hero
There is a picture somewhere

My notes on Jeff Jarvis’ talk. This stuff< > is my observations.

what blogs didn’t do to get advertisers. happy that video can do

find us
ads track perf

end blockbuster hit economy
vastness that matters


find the right voice
direct, blunt, new roughness
less slick

never decide a new orthodoxy says Jeff
300,000/hr is the cost on non-fiction TV

it’s about recommending

find things only by recommendations.

about giving up control and figuring out how to make money out of that.

viral is hard. “like a magnesium fire”

the good stuff is made in series by people who care by peopel who care to watch

creators distributors
ad sales
ad agencies

determine standards for us all

metrics-advertisers need it across all platforms, demos and patterns
>value links and embeds more than just plays
>need context of where they appear
>trust and identity: how to identify who stuff comes from
>how can the advertisers find us

-simple need he saw when he came up w EW. we need new kinds of guides

we’re all critics and we’re all networks

blip like this

guides/curatos: just find the good stuff

promotion, traffic , infrastructure, ad sales (what we get fr tv)

need protection against regulation

creativity> new definition of better/best

shelley: translating the currency of value to the currency of wealth

“fame” confidence/ reliability