My name is Barack Obama, and I am not afraid

Moistened up my eyes and girded my heart a little.

Yeah, I know it’s kinda slick and everyone in it is beautiful, but the poem is great and the people…why don’t I see these people more often except on the street? The point, to me, is not that the dude running for President will save any of us, but that we are connected to each other. That we will have the government and culture we demand. And that we need to know each other and live fearlessly to value our lives. 

The decision to live fearlessly is the decision to not make decisions from fear. Not the control over any fear. It’s the feeling of safety and confidence that comes inside out. And it gets made stronger when we really see each other and our own natural goodness.

I realized the other day I’d become pretty obsessed with what is going on with the election and Sarah Palin in particular. I’ve decided to become pretty selective about the media I’m checking out lately because I want to come from strength  and hope, not fear. 

I am not afraid. 

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