My election / consciousness predictions

Nov 5th:

Negative campaigning will have failed for the first time in my life.Fear will have worn itself out for many.

African-Americans and every other American can rejoicethat what we have once seen as impossible is not.
Gay Californians and all Californianswill have repudiated the theocratic movement. By like 18 votes. Won’t you be glad yours was one of them?
About 35% of the country will wake up feeling like they got smacked in the headunable to fathom how something like this could have happened. These people will say to themselves, ” I am a typical American. I am not outside the mainstream. it is not radical to believe what makes sense to me.” This is how I felt in 1992 when Ann Richards and Mario Cuomo were out and Newt Gingrich and band of dittoheads swept in. Then I realized that I didn’t need to live in the entire country and that I didn’t want to live around people who didn’t respect gay people. And then I decided to get much more serious about chick. Seriously, Newt Gingrich helped me be a lesbian.

Mostly, the entire world is going to begin to exhalein that “really? it’s over?” way. And the gloomy clouds will begin to part. And the sunshine will begin to come back to the little village. And some will think it’s because there is a new leader. And some will see that the ruby slippers were on their feet all along.

Tomorrow, the world changes.