Moving and An Ingenius Design for All You Need in One Box

I recently found out I’ll be moving all my stuff from NY to Toronto and through customs. I have many practical details to figure out as well as prepare for the emotional piece of it. I find having the practical, physical stuff be simple makes the emotional part simpler too.

For those who have followed my #<3trip hashtag and the journey that began for me at the end of last summer, you'll know that I've been very mobile. I travel a lot for performing, and speaking and workshops too. The impact of all of this has been a kind of enforced minimalism that has crept up on me. Now that I have to deal with moving quite a bit and sorting out what I genuinely need and want, what feels good to me, I'm pondering the 27 boxes and various pieces of furniture and wishing I could just put this amazing bit of design in a small car and go. Casulo is the name of this box/furniture/moving package and it was created by students at the Koln International School of Design in Cologne. Perhaps the form and design make more obvious sense to Germans who don’t seem to need help with stark-ness, but the digital nomad trend to minimalism that’s been growing is more about responding to consumerism and overwhelm by getting in touch with what really matters to you.

I was pushed there by overwhelm and loss, which have been incredible teachers. Enjoy this bit of brilliant design.