Greatness: The Susan Sontag of Rock 'n Roll and my call for earnestness

patti smith
photo by Annie Leibovitz, another great.

Patti Smith, the Susan Sontag of Rock ‘N Roll will be inducted into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame this year.

There is not an ounce of “pretty good for a girl.” She rocks. Period.

It is so nice when things are just that simple. Excellence tends to make things so.
She is beyond gender and both genders, like most great creative minds.

Virginia Woolf said that’s so, so it must be true.

Who else is great and beyond gender?

Here she makes “You Light Up My Life” moving and cool. They are the same thing. Earnest is the new edgy. The old cool.

Cynicism is not an automatic indicator of authenticity. It is a broken shield to hide behind.

It is the banner of comedy now, the crippled truth.

Take back your own heart Jon Stewart.

Rejoin us David Cross.

Truth does not wink.