lovin' my haters: my Save My Marriage video goes over 1,000 views and gets some intense responses

Give me a break. What a totally stupid video. Vote yes on 8 because a man and a man in an, excuse me, MARRIAGE??? That is the gayest, most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. This state has become a total mockery. How is it “unequal” for two MEN to be MARRIED??? If a man wants to be married, he needs to find a woman. Otherwise he is mentally ill to assume it is okay to put his wang is some other dudes pooper and then get married. I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest most dysfunctional thing ever.

Dear Only1Church,
We have something in common. I use the word “pooper” too!

I re-watched the video and looked at my marriage and still cannot find the part where 2 men are getting married or putting their wangs anywhere.

As for being the gayest thing ever. Thanks!


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