I teach all of law school in 90 minutes tonight

Heather with law books

I’ve got a work-in-progress run through of my new show–The Law Project–tonight at The Marsh in SF.

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All the details and some video are here. This show has already persuaded 2 applicants not to go to law school. That’s over $240,000 saved!

These workshops are really key to my writing process. Tonight I’ll be trying different audience interaction modules (I like to have pieces of every show that change every time) and integrating the lessons and my story. People have been asking me for years how I got from law student to comedian and this show is the answer. Living your life because you’ve “sunk costs” into something is just a recipe for more heartache and new unpredicted costs with decreasing upside. If “decreasing upside” makes no sense to you, congratulations on being happy and human. That sentence wasn’t for you.

If you’re in San Francisco, come to The Marsh tonight at 8pm.