I perform with Margaret Cho on Wed. subvert's list: most subversive comics of all time.

Larry Charles made a list of 28 at Entertainment Weekly.He’s got some greats but every single one is a white dude (except Sarah Palin), so he’s missed some of the best. So subvert is making a list of our own.

I’m thrilled to be be performing on Wednesday the 15th to fight Prop 8 with one of these people in San Francisco: Margaret Cho. Buy your tix now.

Here is subvert.com’s list of the top subversive comics of all time.  Most of these people are not on the EW list. The number one thing that makes these folks subversive, that Larry Charles misses completely, is that for most of them just taking up public space as themselves unapologetically and truth talking in their own hilarious way was a subversive act. The most upending comic moments come when the comic has emotional skin in the game.

1. Richard Pryor