I have officially lost my mind

I have now put something that looks like a cross between a bong and a magic lantern up my nose and would even recommend it. It’s called a neti pot and this is how you use it. Why? I have a cold. A very, very sore throat. Swollen glands that feel like pebbles in my neck. I can only breathe through one nostril.A yoga teacher once convinced me to buy one. But this cold I just decided I won’t tolerate. And time, along with the Internet and all of the neti pot rave reviews, convinced me to try it. So it looks wacky. It has a name that sounds like a cult in Marin named it during a 4th step in a weekend encounter group. But, it seems to be working. Yesterday I was so blocked nothing came out the other side. Today, I can breathe some. And that is  practical and very satisfying. I only wish I felt well enough to video blog the hilarity of this thing.