I clean up ok: trying on the wedding dresses

I tried on about 50 dresses on Thursday. This was the best of the lot. You can’t see it , but in the back is a bustle with many little fake diamonds all the way down from the waist through the train.

Despite being 70% off, I wasn’t sure it was “the one.” That’s what all the women there call it. The guidance they provide in finding it is that you’ll “just know.” I guess it’s like dating. Oh us women, knowing what we want is so hard.Or perhaps I should be specific. Knowing what I want can be confounding. A lifetime of pleasing in my head got me there.Practical reality helps. It took sitting in one of these dressing rooms a few weeks ago and getting a pep talk from Sonya the older woman in the place to realize i even wanted to try on a wedding dress. This is only the 5th dress I’ve ever shopped for.I vlogged to ease my shopping anxiety. More to come.