Announcing: "Blog Like A Guy Week"

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I’ve noticed that many guys I know blog, twitter, publish, even make companies, films, apps, sites and television shows out of every thought that crosses their mind.

In the past I’ve said “Who do they think they are? They think everything they see or say is fascinating? Do they have to twitter every fart they take?” Thankfully, I’ve realized it’s not like I’m on a date. I don’t have to tell them their fascinating and bat my eyelashes.

Turns out being a guy is so not about the dick. You can get one of those for $69 down the street. It didn’t end my self-censorship.

Even better, I’ve seen my own hypocrisy. I’m the one reading and following these streams of thought, so it’s working. Some of the thoughts are even good!

As usual the cynicism/criticism is about my own fears.

I’ve been trained to delay gratification like most chyx. Why?

I’ll tell you why: “What if I don’t do it right?” Which comes down to: “What if my impulses upset somebody?”

Perhaps you’ve heard that adage: “Give a girl a guitar and she’ll sit in her room practicing until she’s perfect for years. Give a guy a guitar and he’ll be playing out in 2 days.”

I’m playing out.