Heading to NYC today

We’re almost across the country. It’s incredibly big and beautiful. And after a few weeks in Europe and driving across the country, I have a renewed appreciation for America and Americans:

a culture of the possible

California is the America of America. A place where people move toward opportunity, to change. A place with every geographic beauty. Incredible diversity and a commitment to bake a new pie rather than focus on divvying up what they can see. I plan to keep this perspective as I embark on time in NY, where I plan to enjoy the best it has to offer.

Hopefully, what I just wrote here makes sense, because I am being a little distracted by lines booming from the motel TV in British accent saying “only the best for Madonna’s blackheads.” VH1’s Fabulous Celebrity Life. So glad to know the Net is wherever I go, even if the Netheads aren’t.