Guys, if you wanna be a player

Some of this stuff seemed pretty obvious to me, even to the point of being cliché. But after I posted it to a list I’m on, quite a few guys emailed me to thank me. So I’m putting it up in the event you might find it helpful. I wrote it because a sad guy had posted his “stats” on how many women he’d approached and asked out etc. In a moment of sadness and frustration he was looking for advice on how to be a player; how to get women to sleep with him and how to have a meaningful relationship.

  • You will always be better at being you than someone else or a “player” (which is to be disingenuous and therefore someone else)
  • If you want your Self to feel loved, and not a front, you need to share it.
  • Meaningful relationships are not a matter of volume. Hitting on more chicks will not get you a more lasting relationship.
  • Self-acceptance is the start of happiness.
  • It’s easier/possible to accept others as they are once you accept you for who you are.
  • Therapy and honesty with others will move your life forward.
  • Sexuality is healthier and more sustainable as a “byproduct” of relating meaningfully, just like profit is the same with honest