Good Things to Think About I

  1. The economy of businesses is hurting but the economy of people isn’t. What do people need?
  2. Do I really have to live in San Francisco or New York? Am I actually participating in the things that are my reason for living here?
  3. Why do I have a cell phone?
  4. Who do I actually enjoy being around?
  5. Where can I volunteer? What about working in a developing nation?
  6. Maybe I could get to know my kids/siblings/parents better and deal with all the crap we never have time to get into when our lives are too busy.
  7. Board games are more fun and cheaper than 85% of movies released today.
  8. The dry cleaners isn’t getting a chance to wreck my one cashmere sweater.
  9. I am not Carrot Top, thank God.
  10. Now I get to find out what really matters to me.