Feminism / web pwns Jon Favreau's douchebag moment



Jon Favreau, 27, the future White House Director of Speechwriting is the dude on the left. 

He was at a party. Someone took this photo, for which he posed. Then it was posted to facebook.

The line between private and public is dissolving. It is the point feminism was making when it said “the personal is political.”

So Mr. Political here, Favreau (who will undoubtedly have to write a speech for Obama at some future time about the importance of women’s equality) has to deal with the consequences.

He’s free to express himself. And his bosses and we are free to have their opinion of him.

When ‘just having fun”  “girls will be girls” gets trotted out as the cool excuse for douchebaggery with your work superiors, then we will have full equality.

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