Emotional boost for Obama supporters and other people who like reality

I fucking love this.

When you stand up to the bully, they get *meaner.* That’s because that’s all they have. The increasing mean-ness and gaslighting are a sign that they are weakening.

You don’t need the bully to begin to affirm the way you see things. You need to have the *confidence* in yourself and your experience of reality to take another step. You trust the force. You find that the bully has nothing left. Seriously. The witch will melt. *You discover that you, the real you exists separate and beyond the bully (a/k/a your deepest fears).* You stop *listening* to the bully and keep your attention focussed on your own joy and your own life. I’m mixing narrative metaphors but it’s getting late. You know what I mean.

The bully finds this musical theatre stuff to be too “gay” and by gay they mean weak. It is gay. (as Mel Brooks said “without gypsies, fags and Jews there is no theatre) And by gay I mean powerful and exuberant. And standing firm in its own truth. This is the great moment of every musical and story. I am here. Me. I, my true self, my soul, my dreams, my passion, my whatever you want to call it, cannot be killed.

(And it is not you the bully wants to kill. It is the part of himself he detests. And by you, I mean Barack Obama.)

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